Boiled Octopus

Schooner Co., Ltd. export Boiled Octopus made in Japan.
Japanese factory has a long experience for manufacturing boiled octupus.

We can provide best taste and texture for sushi use.

Seasoned Seaweed

Schooner Co., Ltd. export Seasoned Seaweed made in Japan.
It is well known for Hiyashi-Wakame in North America.
Good taste best for salad.

Sushi Toppings

Schooner Co., Ltd. export Frozen Sushi Topping.
It is processed ready-to-eat for Sushi. Just defrost and serve.
We can handle various kinds of Sushi Topping.

Looking forward to receive your inquiry.


Schooner Co., Ltd. export KANIKAMA made in Japan.
Our Kanikama is made only from high graded surimi.
So it has a very soft texture best for sushi & salad.

Japanese Foods