Cold Water Shrimp

Schooner Co., Ltd. is the biggest importer of cold water shrimp, and
we import 6000MT of shrimp from Greenland, Canada and Russia.
Our brand name means the No.1 quality in Japan for many years.

The Medal (NERSORNAT IN GOLD) was awarded to our president,
Mr.Higuchi Nobutaka in 1995 by Greenland for his longtime contribution
toward shrimp business in Greenland.

Commodity Cold Water Shrimp
Scientific Name Pandalus Borealis
Origin Greenland, Canada, Russia
Package Raw Frozen (1kg x 12)
Cooked Frozen (5kg x 1)
Size 40/60 (40-60pcs/kg)
50/70 (50-70pcs/kg)
60/80 (60-80pcs/kg)
70/90 (70-90pcs/kg)
80/100 (80-100pcs/kg)
90/120 (90-120pcs/kg)
Remarks Frozen at sea by plate freezer
Our technician attend the production.
No chemical treatment


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